Session 1. - Content


General instructions
During the next four sessions your team will be undergoing various types of activities such as reviewing case studies and answering discussion questions which will help identify existing and potential happiness related programs and initiatives within your establishment.  To ensure a smooth and easy process while sharing ideas and information, and completing a few short assignments, we will be relying on two helpful tools: the Happiness Champions blog, and an online survey tool. Of course, we will also be sending you regular reminders by email, and you can also reach us at any time at happiness@smartdubai.ae. 

Happiness Champions Blog
The Happiness Champions Blog will be our primary channel for sharing information, updates and assignments. Each session, new content will be posted for Happiness Champions to read, discuss and do, in preparation for the first Happiness Champions workshop. 

Online Survey
This powerful survey platform will become a very important tool for all Happiness Champions. Sessional assignments in the form of surveys and questionnaires are posted here. Discussion questions for each session are here, too. 
Should you have any technical difficulty while inputting your answers, you can always contact happiness@smartdubai.ae Wishing you all the best!